Michael Kratz appears as lead vocalist on Tony Liotta’s new album, Visions.

The album is set to be released on June 9.

Official release statement:

Renowned drummer Tony Liotta releases his new album “Visions” together with singer Louis Virie Blanche and musician Enrico Santacatterina. “Visions” is a tribute to the soul and R&B sound of the 70s, characterized by Liotta´s unique and unmistakable groove.

Italian drummer Tony Liotta is one of the most renowned drummers in the music industry. The musician grew up in America listening to the music of Frank Sinatra, Count Basie and the world famous jazz drummer Buddy Rich. Later, Tony Liotta received lessons from Rich, who had a lasting impact on his style. Known in the studios as the “First Take Drummer,” Liotta was described by the press as the “German answer to Billy Cobham” and compared to jazz greats such as Miles Davis.

At the age of 10, the drummer had his first gig at Madison Square Garden, which he considers the beginning of his career. Liotta has collaborated with many well-known musicians such as Zoro and John C. Marshall, has been featured on countless releases and has released several albums himself. In Germany, the Dortmund-based musician runs his international drum and percussion academy, the “Tony Liotta Drumschool.” There, Liotta offers lessons and workshops for different levels of proficiency in three languages: German, English and Italian.

He also works as a music director, producer and vocal coach. The drummer tested the acoustics in the Dortmund Concert Hall, produced the city anthem for the Dortmund Love Parade and performed it live on Friedensplatz. The experience gained through his involvement has also been incorporated into his new album. With Louis Virie Blanche and Enrico Santacatterina at his side, “Visions” is an extraordinary album reminiscent of the soul and R&B of the 70s. With Liotta´s unique and funky groove, “Visions” is a masterpiece that is a must have not only for drum lovers.


  1. Living With The Cost Of Living
  2. I Don´t Want No Lies
  3. Love Returns
  4. People Get Ready
  5. Jungle Juice
  6. I Don´t Belong To You (Feat. Michael Kratz)
  7. The Moon Advances
  8. All My Life With U
  9. Theory Of Love
  10. Loves Divine
  11. You Spin Me Around (Feat. Michael Kratz)
  12. Walk Alone
  13. Noo Noo
  14. Funky Donkey (Bonus Track)