Visions – Tony Liotta

June 16, 2023

Liner notes

Produced by Siggie Beem.

Recorded at Woodhouse Studio, Germany

Michael’s vocals:
Rrecorded at Kawer Studio (DK)
Mixed by Kasper Viinberg, Kawer Studio


  1. Living With The Cost Of Living
  2. I Don´t Want No Lies
  3. Love Returns
  4. People Get Ready
  5. Jungle Juice
  6. I Don´t Belong To You (Feat. Michael Kratz)
  7. The Moon Advances
  8. All My Life With U
  9. Theory Of Love
  10. Loves Divine
  11. You Spin Me Around (Feat. Michael Kratz)
  12. Walk Alone
  13. Noo Noo
  14. Funky Donkey (Bonus Track)