Michael Kratz is a Danish artist with a great and long experience in the melodic rock sector. After having released two works of great depth such as Live Your Life, great, superb studio work and the excellent live album Live Your Live, this character was expected at the gate because the expectations had become really high regarding the release of the new Tafkatno, happened just in these days.

Well, we can say that starting to listen to the new songs, the quality of the compositions has not changed at all, remaining on a very high range that probably few are able to keep today. One realizes what we have already written with the initial and exquisitely melodic Too Close To The Edge, a song with enormous potential even on the radio, where the melodies contained in it adapt to wonder even on good and old as well as dear Radio frequencies.

Captivating and roaring the “up-tempo” The Highway, which shows us a Michael Kratz in star form. The innate ability of the great artists in this case who deal with melodic rock is also to be able to create different songs from the previous ones but with an unchanged velvety and elegant atmosphere.

Take for example a great class soft rock song like A Way To The Future and you will probably understand the words written above. The more intimate and sensitive side of Kratz comes out with one of the most beautiful songs on the album, Without Your Love, where you are totally immersed in his world, five minutes and twenty of pure melodic class.
The sound carpet is quite varied, always keeping in mind the elegance and composure factor that has always distinguished this wonderful artist from Denmark.

A spectacular production then makes this Tafkatno an exceptional work from all points of view, because you can fully enjoy all the notes present in the eleven songs inside. Really impressive performance also for all the musicians involved in this project who next to Michael form something truly beautiful and unique.

How to resist the pathos Let’s Do Something Good, which makes everyone dream thanks also to Kratz’s particularly melodic and grandiose voice. We do not want and we do not find terms of comparison with his other colleagues because his voice is unique.

What we can say to all lovers of good music is to throw themselves headlong into one of the most complete and beautiful Melodic Rock albums of recent years. Eleven jewels of pure and uncontaminated melodic rock to always keep at hand.